What Is the Make-a-Flake Game?


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Created by Barkley International, the Make-A-Flake game is a simple online game running on Adobe Flash that lets a user make beautiful and original snowflakes. The user creates the snowflakes by directing cutouts on a folded piece of paper.

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Make-a-Flake was developed by Barkley International in 2014. The Make-a-Flake game is only available on Internet Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari. Using Adobe Flash, Make-a-Flake lets a user create unique snowflakes every time.

The Make-a-Flake application is simple to use. The user controls a pair of scissors located on the screen to cut a pre-folded piece of paper. To create a snowflake, all the user has to do is drag his pair of scissors over the paper starting at the edges, and click a point on the piece of paper to indicate a cut. When the user is finished cutting from one edge to another, making as many deviations in the cut that he wants, he can preview his snowflake and decide if he wants to continue.

Make-a-Flake keeps an online gallery displaying all of the snowflakes that have been created. As of July 2015, more than 30 million different snowflakes have been created using the game.

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