How Do You Make a Fishtail Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Fishtail Bracelet?

You can make a fishtail bracelet by weaving together small rubber bands with a crochet hook. You also need plastic clips to hold the bracelet together.

  1. Gather your supplies

    Decide what kind of pattern you want to make. You can make the bracelet with alternating colors, groups of colors or other patterns. Gather a crochet hook, about 50 to 70 small rubber bands in your desired colors and plastic “c” clips.

  2. Begin weaving your bracelet

    Take a rubber band, and attach a "c" clip to the middle. Take two more rubber bands, and pull them through the first rubber band with the crochet hook. Stop when the two rubber bands are halfway through. When pulling the rubber bands through, turn the hook sideways to help keep it from snagging. When you have pulled the two rubber bands halfway through, pause and turn the hook right side up. Put the hook through both of the loops you made by pulling the two rubber bands through. Place another rubber band on the hook, and get ready to pull it through, stopping when it is halfway through as before.

  3. Finish your bracelet

    Continue adding rubber bands in your pattern, one at a time, until the bracelet is the right size. To complete your bracelet, attach a "c" clip to the last rubber band. Take the other end of the bracelet, remove its “c” clip, fold the first rubber band in half, and attach that end to the "c" clip.