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To make a Styrofoam fish model, paint a foam egg, cut the fringe and glue it on, make the fish's face and mount the model onto a foam disc. Making a foam fish model takes roughly one hour plus paint drying time and requires one 7-inch foam egg, one 8-inch foam disc, one pair of 12-millimeter wiggle eyes, one red chenille stem, one 16-inch wooden dowel, glue, spray paint, scissors and five colors of tissue paper.

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  1. Paint a Styrofoam ball

    Use foam-safe paint to spray the egg the desired fish color. Allow to dry.

  2. Make a short fringe for the fish

    Fold one color of tissue paper in half. Measure down 7 inches, and cut across. Fold the tissue paper in half again. Starting at the unfolded edge, cut three-quarters of the way down in half-inch segments. Repeat this procedure with two different colors of tissue.

  3. Make long fringe

    Measure 16 inches of a fourth color of tissue, and cut. Fold this in half, and repeat the procedure for cutting the fringe. Make another long fringe out of the final tissue color.

  4. Glue the fringe on

    Starting at the widest part of the egg, apply glue all the way around about one-third of the way from the end. Position the folded end of a short fringe strip around the glue, then press down, hiding the seam under the fish. Move up a half-inch, and repeat so that the second fringe overlaps the first. Repeat with the third short fringe.

  5. Attach the tail

    Poke a hole in the wide end of the fish. Squirt glue inside the hole. Gather the two long fringe pieces, and twist them around each other. Insert the gathered end of the fringe into the hole, and allow the glue to dry.

  6. Make the face

    Poke a small slit in the front of the fish. Cut a 6-inch piece of chenille, and coil it into a tight circle. Fold this circle in half. Insert the chenille coil so that the outer edges make the lips. Glue the wiggle eyes in place.

  7. Mount the model

    Poke the dowel into the bottom of the fish, then mount it onto the foam disc.

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