How Do You Make a Fireplace in "Minecraft"?

How Do You Make a Fireplace in "Minecraft"?

Create a fireplace in the PC version of "Minecraft" by finding blocks of netherrack, placing the netherrack in a fireproof structure, and then lighting the netherrack block with flint and steel. Fireplaces can be as simple or elaborate as you want.

  1. Locate netherrack

    Find netherrack blocks in the Nether when you get there through your Nether portal. These blocks are very fragile and catch on fire easily. Once you light a piece of netherrack on fire, it does not go out unless you pour water on it or cover it with another block. Bring the netherrack to your home.

  2. Design the fireplace

    Make your fireplace out of whatever fireproof materials you want, such as obsidian, stone, cobblestone or bricks. Create red brick blocks by smelting clay in a furnace, and then place four red bricks in a square pattern on your crafting table to make a brick block. One block of netherrack for your fireplace should be placed four blocks away from anything flammable. If you add more netherrack blocks, your fireplace must be larger to accommodate larger flames.

  3. Light the netherrack

    Use flint and steel to ignite the netherrack. Craft the lighter from one iron ingot and one block of flint. Hold the flint and steel in your hand, and right-click on the netherrack to watch your fireplace light up in all its glory.