How Do You Make a Fireman Costume?


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To make a fireman costume, apply reflective tape to the hem and chest of a red, black or yellow rain jacket. Wear matching rain boots, and add a toy fireman's hat to complete the costume

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How Do You Make a Fireman Costume?
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  1. Choose a base layer

    Buy a red, black or yellow rain jacket. If you cannot find a rain jacket, any jacket may suffice. Buy boots to match the jacket.

  2. Add reflective stripes

    Buy 3-inch tape to contrast your chosen jacket color. For a red or black jacket, opt for yellow. For a yellow jacket, buy black tape. Run a strip of the tape around the hem of the jacket, approximately 2 inches from the bottom edge. Do the same around the chest of the jacket, sleeve cuffs and tops of the boots.

  3. Add contrasting stripes

    Buy 2-inch tape in a color that contrasts with your base tape color. Run it along the center of each stripe. For a more realistic look, use silver reflective tape.

  4. Choose a hat

    Buy a child's fireman hat in the toy section of a department store, opting for a color that matches your jacket. If the hat is plain, add a strip of contrasting tape around the brim or the base.

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