How Do You Make Fermented Beverages From Fruits?


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To make a simple fermented beverage, mix canned or fresh fruit with water, a starter culture and any combination of flavors in a glass quart jar. Allow them to ferment for two to three days.

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Select the fruit or combination of fruits, peel and roughly chop them, and fill a quart jar about a quarter of the way. Popular choices for fermenting are peaches, plums, apples and berries. Add whole spices, such as cinnamon sticks, cloves and vanilla, for a complex flavor. For a starter culture, add one scant teaspoon of yeast, two teaspoons of whey or one tablespoon of unpasteurized honey to each quart of juice. Add fresh water to fill the jar, leaving 1 inch at the top to allow for the gases of fermentation to accumulate.

Close the jar tightly, and leave it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Shake it twice a day to prevent the growth of bad bacteria. Once the lid of the jar starts to bulge, unscrew it to release the pressure, and replace it tightly. After a day or two, the mix is bubbly and smells sweet. Strain the liquid into a jug, discard the fruit and serve the beverage chilled.

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