How Do You Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft?

How Do You Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft?

Craft a fence gate in the PC version of Minecraft with any variety of wooden planks and sticks. Fence gates allow you to access outdoor structures, such as farms and animal pens, while keeping out hostile mobs.

  1. Gather wood

    Obtain wood by destroying blocks of trees. Take the wood blocks, and place them in a slot of a crafting area to create four wooden planks per wood block. Use some of these wooden planks to make four sticks for every wooden plank.

  2. Place the sticks

    Create part of a fence gate by placing four sticks on the crafting table. Put one stick each in the lower and middle slots of the right column. Fill the lower and middle slots of the left column with one stick each.

  3. Use the planks

    Place one wooden plank in the center spot of this crafting recipe, followed by another wooden plank just below the first one. Add as many fence gates to your inventory as you want. Four sticks and two wooden planks yield one gate.

  4. Set up your gate

    Place your gate in a one-block-wide gap in a fence, opening or gap. Your gate works with wooden fences, cobblestone blocks and stone. Click on the gate to open it. Add redstone switches to open and shut the gate automatically without clicking on the fence gate.