How Do You Make Fairy Wings?


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Make fairy wings by attaching transparent gift wrap to solid galvanized wire and adding elastic loops to go around the arms. You need transparent gift wrap, solid galvanized wire, duct tape, an elastic band and ribbon as well as hot glue, scissors, pliers and glitter paint.

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Cut four pieces of the galvanized wire, two each of the same length depending on the desired size and shape of the wings. Form each piece into the desired shape, with the two pieces of the same length into the same shapes, and twist the ends together using the pliers. Next, lay out the matching wire shapes side-by-side with the twisted ends facing each other. Tape the ends together, and repeat the process for the other two matching wire shapes.

You should have one set of upper wings and one set of lower wings. Place the upper wings above the lower wings with the tapped ends parallel to each other, and tape them together to make one cohesive unit. Attach the transparent gift wrap to the wings using hot glue, and then trim away any excess wrap.

Form a piece of elastic into a loop, and then pinch the middle together to form two loops for the arms to go through. Place the middle against the tape center of the wings, and wrap ribbon around the tape and elastic, gluing it into place. Decorate the wings with glitter paint as desired.

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