How Do You Make a Fabric Headboard?


Prepare a drill, needle and thread to create a fabric headboard out of plywood. The steps involved are marking and drilling the plywood, arranging the fabric and batting, attaching the fabric to the plywood, sewing the buttons to the headboard and hanging the headboard.

The first step is marking the center of the plywood and drawing a line across the diagonal using a yardstick and pencil. Draw an intersecting diagonal, and mark the intersecting point of the two lines. Mark the whole surface with spots that are 12 inches apart. Drill holes through all of the marked areas using a power drill. Next, lay an upholstery-weight fabric that is 6 inches longer than the plywood on a work surface.

Cut batting several inches longer than the plywood on all sides, and put it over the face-down fabric. Place a thin batting foam on top of it. Position the drilled plywood over the fabric, batting and batting foam. Pull the three layers of material over each corner of the wood and staple them. Repeat this to cover the hard edges of the board.

The next step is securing large buttons, preferably in ceramic or antique glass, to the board using a large needle and upholstery thread. Finally, hang the headboard using mirror hangers and the shortest screws in the kit.