How Do You Make Fabric Bowls?


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Make a fabric bowl by gluing fabric strips around a plastic or paper bowl or by coiling fabric into a bowl shape. The coiled fabric bowl requires wrapping fabric strips around pieces of rope and then twining the rope in a circular shape. To make sure the bowl keeps its shape, tie the rings together with mercerized cotton thread. Finish by adding decorative beads to the inside of the bowl.

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To make a fabric bowl, turn the bowl upside-down, and wrap clingfilm around the bottom of it. Cut your fabric of choice into 1.5-by-6-inch strips. Dredge the fabric strips completely in Mod Podge, and arrange them over the bowl. Start out at the base of the bowl, and wrap the material horizontally in a circular fashion, making sure the strips overlap.

Place the bowl in a secure location where it can dry for at least 24 hours, and then turn the bowl over. Remove the bowl, leaving the hardened fabric shell behind. Trim any ragged fabric edges, and press a piece of fabric tape or sticky ribbon around the top of the bowl and over the rim. You can use the same process to recycle old clothing, towels or doilies. Use the fabric bowls to store extra fabric, spools of thread or ribbon.

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