How Do You Make a Fabric Bow?

How Do You Make a Fabric Bow?

Make a fabric bow by ironing interfacing onto a piece of fabric. Cut the fabric into several pieces, twist the fabric into loops, and glue the curled strips together at the middle of the bow.

  1. Gather the materials

    Collect fabric, interfacing, a stapler, a glue gun, scissors and an iron.

  2. Cut and iron the interfacing

    Cut out a piece of interfacing measuring 8 inches by 20 inches. Use the iron to press the interfacing into the back of the fabric. Allow the fabric to cool, and then remove the paper from the interfacing. Repeat this process with another piece of interfacing on the other side of the fabric to fortify the cloth.

  3. Divide the fabric

    Cut the fabric into nine pieces: three measuring 10 inches, three measuring 9 inches, two measuring 8 inches and one measuring 6 inches.

  4. Curl and staple the strips

    Take one of the 10-inch pieces of fabric, and create a loop by twisting the end of the strip to the center. Bring the other end to the middle, and staple. Repeat with the other strips of fabric.

  5. Finish the bow

    Place the stapled pieces of fabric one on top of the other starting with the 10-inch piece and continuing with the smaller pieces. Use the glue gun to bind at the center, and finish by gluing the 6-inch piece to the middle of the bow.