How Do You Make an Ender Chest?

How Do You Make an Ender Chest?

Craft an ender chest in "Minecraft" from eight blocks of obsidian and an Eye of Ender. An ender chest is an invaluable tool in that makes it easy to move items across great distances efficiently. All ender chests crafted by the same player share the same 27 inventory slots.

  1. Obtain eight blocks of obsidian

    Mine for obsidian in the lower sections of the game world. Obsidian blocks are commonly found in areas where naturally spawned sources of water and lava run into one another. Mining obsidian requires a diamond pickaxe.

  2. Craft or trade for an Eye of Ender

    Combine blaze powder and an ender pearl side by side using your crafting table to create an Eye of Ender. You may also trade six or seven emeralds to villagers to obtain this important item.

  3. Craft the ender chest

    Place the eight blocks of obsidian in each of the outer squares of your crafting table. This should leave an empty slot in the center of the 9-by-9 crafting space. Fill the center slot with the eye of ender, and remove the newly finished ender chest from the output space. You may now place the ender chest in the world to add to or access its contents.