How Do You Make Embossed Cards?

How Do You Make Embossed Cards?

Embossing is a fun and easy process used to create raised images or 3-D patterns on paper or other materials. You can emboss a variety of items, including store-bought stationery and cards, or make your own using craft paper. With a few supplies and a little time, you can design your own card. You need paper, rubber stamps, an embossing pad, embossing powder and a heat gun.

  1. Create a unique image

    Select your stationery or paper, and position it in front of you. Make sure you have your supplies ready, especially the embossing powder. The embossing powder is a fast-melting compound that comes in a variety of colors, including opaque and metallic. Press a rubber stamp onto an embossing pad, and position it over the card. Press down firmly on the card to make an impression. Wipe the stamp on a cleaning pad.

  2. Decorate your design

    Sprinkle embossing powder over the stamped image on your card. Tap the card to remove loose powder. Reapply if needed.

  3. Stamp, emboss and heat your card

    Hold the heat gun at least 2 inches away from your card. Apply heat to the image, carefully circling the nozzle over the design until the embossing powder has melted. The image on your card should now have a glossy finish.