How Do You Make an Elf Doll Using Fabric?


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To make an elf doll using fabric, make a stick man out of wire, bind it with calico strips and wadding, sew a nylon sock over the body and add clothing. If making your own clothing, use free elf down patterns available online.

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To begin, cut approximately 2 yards of wire, and fold it to create a stick-figure head and neck area, body, arms and legs. Tightly wrap the entire frame in calico strips to keep the wire together and make the doll child-safe. Wrap the doll with a long strip of wadding, wrapping extra wadding around the waist for a chubbier elf. Place a piece of stocking on each hand, and tie some thread around the arm to secure it. Use an over stitch to form fingers, if desired.

Cut off the toe of a nylon stocking with around 6 inches of length and slip it over the elf doll's head, forming holes for the arms. Fill the head with extra wadding, and seal it off at the neck before sealing off the base of the body. Use an over stitch to create a bulge for the nose. Sew on small black beads for the eyes, pushing them in to create the face shape. Sew a shirt, pants and a peaked elf hat to dress the elf doll, adding glasses and a cotton beard for an older elf.

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