How Do You Make an Elf Costume?

To make an elf costume, put together a Christmas vest with buttons, a green triangular felt hat, pointy felt covers to go over shoes, makeshift pointy ears, tights and a turtleneck shirt. The costume requires green and possibly gold felt for the hat and shoe covers as well as construction paper and crayons to create the pointy ears. The most important pieces in the costume are the hat, ears and pointy elf-like shoe covers.

To create a Christmas elf costume, it is necessary to have green and gold felt or construction paper and a pair of scissors.

  1. Design and create a vest.
  2. Cut the sleeves off of an old long-sleeve shirt and cut a very large V out of the neck that extends down past the chest. Sew or glue buttons onto the remaining part of the shirt below the V.

  3. Make the hat.
  4. Cut triangles out of green felt and hot glue them together to make an elf's hat.

  5. Make the shoe covers.
  6. Trace a shoe pattern that comes to a point at the toe, making sure that it is bigger than the shoes that it will go over. Cut out two of the patterns per foot and sew them together, leaving room for a leg at the top. The covers can be filled with cotton balls to preserve their pointed shape.

  7. Make pointy ears.
  8. Cut out felt or construction paper into large pointy ears and color them as wanted. Attach the pointy ears to the hat.

  9. Put the costume on.
  10. Wear tights and a turtleneck shirt underneath the vest and put on all of the elf accessories to complete the elf costume.