How Do You Make an Elevator in Minecraft?


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Create a dropper elevator in the PC version of Minecraft with a stack of droppers, a chest, redstone switches and redstone torches. Knowing the secret to electronic elevators allows the redstone to create a circuit with switches.

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  1. Gather the materials

    Make several droppers by placing one bit of redstone in the bottom-middle square of a crafting table, leaving the middle square empty and putting one cobblestone block in each of the remaining squares. Get a wooden chest, create torches of sticks and redstone and make a switch to turn the elevator on and off.

  2. Place the droppers

    Stack the droppers one on top of another, with the hole facing upwards on each block. Droppers transfer items from one block to the next as long as the redstone in each one activates. Put a chest on the top dropper.

  3. Make the switch

    Create a redstone repeater with two redstone torches, redstone dust and three blocks of stone. Place one block on each side of the repeater, with one of the blocks adjacent to the stack of droppers. Connect the two blocks with redstone dust. Put a redstone torch on the block adjacent to the droppers.

  4. Place a second column

    Create a column of alternating stone blocks, with redstone torches on each one, up the side of the droppers. This connects the bottom switch to the top of the elevator system. Add a lever to one of the bottom blocks to shut off the repeater.

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