How Do I Make an Elephant Costume for Kids?

Making an elephant costume for a child requires crafting cardboard ears, a trunk made from a paper towel tube and a tail made out of craft foam. A few store-bought items, such as a baseball cap, a gray sweater and pants, complete the outfit.

  1. Gather your supplies

    You need a baseball cap (preferably gray), flat cardboard, a cardboard paper towel tube, about 2 yards of gray fabric, a utility knife, glue, yarn, scissors and gray clothes.

  2. Make the ears

    Draw elephant ears on two pieces of cardboard. Cut them out with the utility knife. Glue some of the gray fabric over the ears so that it covers both sides of each ear. Poke two holes in the inner part of each ear, and thread a small piece of yarn through the holes. Poke two corresponding holes in the sides of the baseball cap. Thread the yarn in the ears through the holes in the baseball cap, tying the ears to the sides of the baseball cap.

  3. Make a trunk

    Glue the gray fabric over the paper towel tube. When it's dry, poke two holes in one end of the tube. Thread a long piece of yarn through the holes, leaving enough length on either side so that it can be tied around the child's head. Dress the child in gray clothes. Add the baseball cap with ears. Cut out a small gray tail from craft foam, and then attach it with glue or a safety pin to the child's clothes to complete the elephant costume.