How Do You Make Eco-Friendly Paper Logs?

How Do You Make Eco-Friendly Paper Logs?

To make eco-friendly paper logs, layer old newspaper over one another to create a pile of a suitable height, soak waste papers in water for a few minutes, and place them over the newspapers. Then, roll the stack of papers to create a log, and secure it using fishing wire. Finally, air-dry the paper log.

Begin making eco-friendly paper logs by collecting sufficient amount of scrap paper and old newspapers. Avoid using magazines with glossy papers for this purpose.

Then, open several newspapers, and place them on a flat surface to make a pile with a height of 1/2 inch. Immerse several waste papers in tap water for approximately five minutes, and layer them over the newspaper pile to a height of 1/4 inches. Layer more of the soaked waste papers to make a thicker log.

Now, roll the stack of newspapers to secure the soaked paper within. The papers now take the shape of a log.

Next, cut fishing wire into six pieces, each measuring 5 inches, and wrap the pieces at intervals of 3 inches around the paper log. Dry the paper log in a dry area with good ventilation for approximately two weeks or until the log is thoroughly dried.