How Do You Make Easy Paper Airplanes?


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Paper airplanes can be useful aides in demonstrating aerodynamics, and they're a fun origami project. Making a simple paper airplane only requires a few folds of the paper, with an eye to symmetry for balanced flight.

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  1. Create a midline

    Take a sheet of typing paper measuring 8.5 by 11 inches, and fold it in half lengthwise. Unfold it and place the crease valley-side up.

  2. Craft the nose and fuselage of the plane

    Fold the top edges of the paper down to meet the midline, creating a triangle shape on each side. Then, take the point that was just folded, and bring it back outward to meet the edge, creating a double layer. Fold the tip of the plane about half an inch, and crease it. Finally, fold the edge of the wing so that it's parallel with the center line. This creates a sleek upturned wing.

  3. Fold the wings

    Fold the whole assembly in half at the center line, and place one side up. Fold the top edge, which becomes the edge of the wing, down to meet the base of the plane. Repeat for the other side. Curl the wingtips up slightly, and test the plane. It should fly straight and smooth.

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