How Do You Make a Duct Tape Wallet?


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To make a duct tape wallet, form a double-sided sheet of duct tape, cut it to a 9- by 7-inch rectangle, and finish the long sides by folding a narrow strip of duct tape over each edge. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise, crease the rectangle, and secure the ends with tape.

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  1. Make a double-sided duct tape sheet

    Place a piece of printer paper on a flat surface. Cover the top of the paper with overlapping strips of duct tape, starting along one of the long edges. Turn the paper over, and cover the reverse side with strips of duct tape running in the opposite direction starting at one of the short edges.

  2. Cut the sheet to the proper size

    Cut a 9- by 7-inch piece out of the duct tape sheet.

  3. Finish the long edges

    Cut two strips of duct tape that are each 9 inches by 1 inch long. Press one strip along one of the long edges of the rectangle so that one-half of the strip hangs over the edge. Press the hanging half down along the back of the rectangle to finish the edge. Repeat this process with the other strip.

  4. Fold the rectangle in half

    Fold the duct tape rectangle in half so that the finished edges meet and form the opening of the wallet. Press the wallet to form a crease along the bottom to help it hold its shape.

  5. Secure the open sides of the wallet

    Cut two 4- by 1-inch strips of duct tape. Use each strip to fasten together the sides of the wallet. Cut the edges of the tape smoothly along the top and bottom of the wallet for an even edge. Fold the wallet in half to put it in your pocket.

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