How Do You Make Duct Tape Things?


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Items such as wallets and roses can be made out of duct tape by tearing several pieces of tape in different lengths and affixing them together following a specific pattern. Other items are made in the same fashion using different patterns.

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To make a duct tape wallet, cut four strips of duct tape approximately 10 inches long. With the adhesive side up, place them together top-to-bottom so that a thin strip overlaps, creating a sheet. Repeat the process to make a second sheet, and then press the two together so that both adhesive sides touch. Seal the top and bottom edges with a thin strip of duct tape, then fold the sheet in half lengthwise. Finally, seal the left and right edges together with another strip of duct tape, and fold in the middle to create the finished wallet.

To make a duct tape rose, first find a stick to use at the stem. Next, take a roll of red duct tape and cut a square approximately 2 inches long. Fold the top left corner of the square inwards so that the tip touches the center. Do the same with the top right corner. Place the piece of duct tape at the top of the stem with the new pointed top facing upward. Roll the tape around the stem until it is fully covered, and repeat this process as many times as necessary until the rose is the appropriate size.

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