How Do You Make Duct Tape Rings?


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To make a duct tape ring, roll a thin strip of tape into a tube, secure the tube with small piece of duct tape, fold small rectangles of tape into petals and add the petals to the ring to form a bloom. This process takes about 30 minutes and requires duct tape and scissors.

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  1. Form the base

    Measure the finger that the ring will be on. Cut or rip a piece of duct tape about 1 inch longer than the measurement of the finger. Carefully roll the piece of tape lengthwise into a strip with the adhesive on the inside.

  2. Secure the ends of the strip

    Cut a small piece of duct tape to secure the ends of the rolled strip together. Tape the ends side-by-side rather than end-to-end. This should make the ring into a tear-drop shape.

  3. Form the petals

    Cut several small rectangular pieces of duct tape to make the petals for the ring. Try to keep the pieces roughly the same size. Holding the rectangles horizontally, fold the top two corners of the piece down to the middle to form a point. A small sticky portion of the tape should still be exposed at the bottom of each piece.

  4. Add the petals

    Place the petals around the pointy portion of the ring using the sticky section of each petal. Overlap the petals to form a bloom on top of the ring.

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