How Do You Make Duct Tape Flowers?

To make a duct tape flower, start by rolling a straw in green duct tape to create a stem. For the petals, cut squares of colored duct tape, then fold the top two corners towards the middle, creating a point. For just the first one, roll tightly and attach to the top of the stem with a piece of tape to form the center, for all others, wrap the sticky part around the stem to form petals. Continue to make additional petals as needed and attach them until your flower is full, then use the same process to make leaves from green duct tape.

  1. Make the stem

    Use a straw for the stem. Cut a length of green duct tape to match the length of your stem. Lay the tape on a table, sticky side up. Place the straw on one edge of the tape, and roll it so that the tape coats the straw.

  2. Make a flower center

    Cut a square of colored duct tape, and lay it on a table with the sticky side facing up. Fold the top two corners into the middle of the square. Starting on the left side, roll the tape so that it forms a tube. Place the center into the straw and attach with a strip of duct tape.

  3. Make and attach petals

    Cut another square of tape, and fold the corners into the middle, as you did to make the flower center. However, this time, instead of rolling up the tape, wrap the petal around the stem and the center of the flower, using the sticky side of the tape to keep it in place. Repeat with additional petals until your flower reaches the desired fullness.

  4. Make leaves

    Using the same technique as the petals and the flower center, cut a square of green duct tape and fold the top two sides into the middle. Next, attach the leaves to the stem, until the flower is complete.