How Do You Make Duct Tape Bracelets?

Make a duct tape bracelet by covering both sides of a piece of paper with duct tape, then drawing a rectangle the length of your wrist plus 2 inches long and 1 inch wide on the sheet. Cut out the rectangle, and add adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners in the shape of dots to the ends.

  1. Cover a sheet of paper diagonally with duct tape

    Lay a standard piece of notebook or computer paper on a flat surface. Cut a piece of duct tape 4 inches long, and lay it diagonally to cover one corner of the paper. Continue laying overlapping strips of duct tape, each slightly longer than the previous piece, until the paper is covered.

  2. Cover the back of the paper with vertical strips of duct tape

    Turn the paper over. Cut a piece of duct tape 11 inches long and lay it over one vertical edge of the sheet of paper. Continue laying 11-inch pieces of duct tape, slightly overlapping, until the sheet of paper is covered to create a double-sided duct tape sheet.

  3. Mark the bracelet dimensions

    Measure around your wrist, and add 2 inches to the measurement. Draw a rectangle on the duct tape sheet with that measurement for the length and 1 inch for the width.

  4. Cut out the bracelet

    Cut out the rectangle with sharp scissors.

  5. Attach hook-and-loop fasteners

    Fasten a hook-and-loop dot onto the bracelet, with the hook on one end and the loop on the other.