How Do You Make a Dry-Erase Board?


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You can create your own dry-erase broad for a relatively low cost by using dry-erase paint or purchasing a white panel board. You can cover a wall or board with either the paint or the panel to create your own white board.

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Whether you are using paint or a white panel board, the first step is to choose a place for it. You may want to post it either on a wall or on a stable piece of wood. Dry-erase paint can work, but it can also have some problems when used on certain materials. Check the instructions of the paint to find out how it works best; otherwise, stick to using a purchased board.

You can fine a suitable board at retailers like Lowe's and Home Depot. Suitable white board material may come under names like White Panel Board, White Tileboard, Tile Wall Panel or Showerboard. Some shower liners will also work for this project. These boards tend to be floppy, however, so do not expect them to stand alone. If you want a stationary board, simply attach your tile board to whatever wall you choose. If you prefer to have it mobile, fasten it to a sturdy wooden board you can carry.

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