How Do You Make a Dress Form?

How Do You Make a Dress Form?

To make a dress form, wear a long T-shirt, and have a friend cover your torso in several layers of tape. Cut the form off your body, and then stuff it with pillow fill.

  1. Prepare your materials

    Gather several roles of duct tape or a similar sturdy tape. Buy a long T-shirt with a high neckline, choosing an inexpensive one that you do not mind cutting. Put the shirt on over your regular undergarments, and cover your neck with plastic wrap.

  2. Wrap the tape

    Cut multiple 6-inch strips of tape. Cut additional strips that are long enough to wrap around your waist. Ask your friend to wrap your entire torso in the tape strips, starting at your chest. Use smaller strips around the chest and neck area. Have your friend follow the contours of your body exactly, without pulling the tape too tight. Cover the first layer in two additional layers of tape for stability.

  3. Cut off the form

    Ask your friend to cut a straight line up your back, cutting through the T-shirt and tape layers. Carefully remove the form, being careful not to bend it. Tape the back cut together. Cover the neck and arm holes with tape.

  4. Stuff the form

    Insert a wooden hanger or PVC pipe into the form. Stuff the dress form with pillow fill material. Push the material into every contour of the form, ensuring that it fills all the contours. Cut the bottom edge off so that it is horizontal, and cover it with tape to keep the stuffing in. Stand or hang the form.