How Do You Make a Dreamcatcher?

How Do You Make a Dreamcatcher?

It is possible to make a dreamcatcher by fashioning a circle from willow or grapevine, weaving string to form a web, and finishing by hanging a feather from the string end. This project requires a length of willow or grapevine up to 6 feet long, 4 to 16 feet of strong string, a bead, several feathers and small pieces of felt.

  1. Fashion a circle

    If using grapevine, soak it in water first to make it more bendable. Form into a circle, twisting as you go to make it stronger.

  2. Make the spider web

    Form a loop to hang the dream catcher, and tie it on the vine. Let a loop hang down on the inside, and place the end of the string over the back, drawing it through the new loop from underneath. Pull taut, but not too tight. Continue this process until it goes back to the first loop. Begin the second row by tying the string in the middle of one of the loops, and complete each row exactly like the first one. Slide a bead on one of the loops in the third row. Leave a hole in the middle of the dreamcatcher.

  3. Finish the project

    Finish by tying feathers to the dangling piece of leftover string. Wrap the end of the feather shaft with felt.