How Do You Make a Dr. Seuss Hat?

How Do You Make a Dr. Seuss Hat?

To make a Dr. Seuss hat, glue red strips onto white paper, make a brim and attach it to the hat. The hat is easy to make from common craft or art supplies.

Before starting the project, it is important to ensure that the white piece of construction paper is large enough to fit around the child's head. If stapling the brim, be careful that the staple edges are smooth.

  1. Cut strips from the red paper
  2. Take the piece of red construction paper and cut lengthwise pieces of 1-inch strips with the scissors.

  3. Create a white and red stripe design for the hat
  4. Glue the red stripes horizontally onto the white construction paper to achieve the stripe effect. Roll the white construction paper into a cylinder or tube form after the glue dries and then either staple or glue the edges together.

  5. Make the hat brim
  6. Trace the tube or cylinder shape with the pencil on the second piece of white paper. Draw a few tabs on the inside of the traced circle and cut out the circle but leaving the tabs intact. Draw a larger circle around the cut-out circle. Cut around the rim of this circle to create the hat brim.

  7. Attach the hat top to the brim
  8. Tape or staple the brim tabs to the inside of the cylindrical hat top.