How Do You Make a Double Heart With Origami?

How Do You Make a Double Heart With Origami?

This origami craft creates a double sided heart that has a larger heart on one side and a smaller heart on the other. To make this craft you need a 6-by-6-inch piece of paper. This project should take only a few minutes.

  1. Begin folding

    Fold the paper in half on the vertical axis. Crease the page and then unfold it. Next fold both the left and right sides into the center. Crease them and then unfold them as well.

  2. Fold the corners

    Take each of the corners in turn and fold them in so that the edge of the corner meets the nearby outer crease that you just made. Once all the corners are folded, fold in along the creases that you already made. Flip the paper over.

  3. Create a pocket

    The next step is to take the bottom right corner and fold it up at a 45-degree angle so that the edge of the folded side meets the left edge of the page. You should notice a folded edge on the section you just flipped up. Fold along this edge so that the square that you just folded up becomes a triangle. Crease, then unfold. The line you just folded along should open up into a pocket. Tuck the flap into the pocket so that it is no longer visible. This becomes the bottom of your heart.

  4. Make the top of your heart.

    Begin by folding the rectangular part of the paper down until it meets the folded edge of the flap you just made. Take the left and right corners of the piece you just folded down and fold them up into the middle of the rectangular section at a 45-degree angle. Crease and unfold them. Now pry up the top pockets of the part you just folded (in the upper left and upper right sides of the rectangular part) and squash them flat. Your heart is complete.