How Do You Make Door Signs?

How Do You Make Door Signs?

Make a custom door sign by visiting a site, such as Sign-O-Matic. Choose a sign design from various sizes, colors, fonts and materials. Upload an image and create a door sign.

By using a reputable online sign company, users get to design the signs they need without having to make the signs themselves. Sign-O-Matic customers can pay for signs using Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and the company makes both indoor and outdoor signs.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Visit the Sign-O-Matic website at and click "Start Designing Your Sign."

  3. Select the sign type
  4. Select the sign type from "Name Badge," "Wood Sign," "Aluminum Sign" and others.

  5. Enter text and select the font size
  6. Enter the sign text in the text box. Choose the font and text size and the text's alignment.

  7. Select the size
  8. Select the appropriate sign size by using the "Size" tab at the top of the screen.

  9. Choose a shape
  10. Choose a shape for the sign. Selections include square, oval, round or arrows.

  11. Select a color
  12. Select a color for the sign. Note that wood signs have fewer choices than the other types of signs.

  13. Select a fix method
  14. Choose how the sign affixes to a surface.

  15. Upload an image, if desired
  16. Upload an image or choose one from those provided.

  17. Add the sign to the basket
  18. Add the sign to the shopping basked by clicking "Add Your Sign to the Basket." Denote the quantity needed in the box provided.

  19. Check out
  20. Proceed to the checkout and enter the required information to make a purchase.