How Do You Make a Donkey Kong Necktie?


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The video game character Donkey Kong is a gorilla that wears a red necktie with his initials in yellow on the front. To make a Donkey Kong necktie, you need a plain red tie, graduated letter stencils, artist tape, yellow fabric paint and a round paintbrush.

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  1. Prepare the stencils

    The Donkey Kong initials consist of yellow letters with a red space outlined in yellow. To create this effect, use the smallest stencil to fill in the letters and a mid-sized stencil affixed to a larger stencil. Use the artist tape to affix the mid-sized stencil, leaving 1/2-inch of space between the two.

  2. Mark the location

    The initials should be on the widest portion of the tie. Make sure the largest stencil fits within the width of the tie. Use the artist tape to mark the part of the tie that will be painted.

  3. Paint the letters

    Use the artist tape to attach the smallest stencil, positioning it so the outline will fit. Use the round brush to dab the yellow fabric paint over the stencil. Fill it in completely. Hold the brush vertically so the paint does not seep under the stencil.

  4. Paint the outline.

    Let the letters dry completely, then position the larger stencils over the letters. Line them up so that a 1/2-inch margin shows between the letters and the outline. Use the brush to paint the yellow outline. Let it dry completely.

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