How Do You Make a Donald Duck Costume?

Make a Donald Duck costume with a blue shirt, a red bow-tie, a white turtleneck, white gloves, white shorts, white feathers, orange tights and orange felt paper. You can also make a head with paper mache, tissue paper and balloons, or just a beak with cardboard or a visor.

  1. Assemble the top half

    Wear a royal blue shirt and red bow-tie on the top, or pin a red bow-tie to a blue T-shirt. You can also add a yellow ribbon using iron-on tape to the T-shirt. Wear a white turtleneck underneath. Finish off the top half with white gloves.

  2. Assemble the bottom half

    Wear white shorts over orange tights. Pin white feathers to the shorts, or buy two white feather boas, and pin them around the shorts. Cover your shoes with orange felt paper, and cut out three webbed toes.

  3. Make the head

    You can also make Donald Duck's head, although it takes a bit more effort. Use paper mache, white tissue paper and a balloon to create the head, making it in several layers over a few days. Wait until it is strong enough and dry, and then pop the balloon, and cut out a gap for the head. Add foam around the hole to make it more comfortable. You can use feathers to make the head more realistic. For a beak, use cardboard cut out in the shape of a beak, covered with yellow paper, or a visor. Attach the beak to the head with elastic, or wear the beak as is, without a head. Draw nostril onto the beak, and add black felt eyes to the head.