How Do You Make Dollhouse Furniture Out of Cardboard?

The easiest way to make dollhouse furniture out of cardboard is to collect cardboard boxes of various sizes, trim them out for couches or chairs and decorate them with fabric or contact paper. It is possible to use two-ply pieces of cardboard and cut-out furniture pieces using a template. Glue the pieces together and decorate as desired.

A great way to recycle small cardboard boxes is to repurpose them into dollhouse furniture. The boxes can be used to make dressers, tables and beds. If no boxes are available, templates can be used on a heavy piece of cardboard to make the furniture from scratch.

Step 1: Decide on furniture style

Make a list of the pieces of furniture that are needed. From that list, gather cardboard boxes or heavy cardboard.

Step 2: Make the furniture

If using cardboard boxes to make the furniture, the design may be as simple as drawing drawers and handles on the front for a dresser. Sometimes, a little trimming may be necessary. For example, to make a chair, simply cut off the front of the box and trim down the two sides for the arms. When using a piece of cardboard, draw the template on the cardboard. Cut out the pieces and use a hot glue gun to glue them together to form the piece of furniture.

Step 3: Decorate the furniture

To decorate, use contact paper or glue fabric onto the furniture. Markers and crayons also work well.