How Do You Make a Disco Ball Out of CDs?

How Do You Make a Disco Ball Out of CDs?

To make a disco ball out of CDs, cut the CDs into small squares, and then glue them to a Styrofoam ball. Thread a rope through the center of the ball to create a built-in hanger.

  1. Prepare the ball

    Acquire a large Styrofoam ball. Poke a long, thin dowel through the center of the ball, moving the dowel until the end emerges from the other side. Pull it back out slowly. Thread a thin rope through the hole, and tape the end securely to the ball on the other side. Drop glue into the bottom hole to keep the rope in place, and allow the glue to dry.

  2. Cut CD pieces

    While your glue is drying, gather a stack of old CDs. Cut the CDs into square pieces using a sturdy pair of scissors. Make each square the same size. Set aside the other CD pieces.

  3. Glue the CD pieces in place

    Glue a ring of squares around the center of the Styrofoam ball and perpendicular to the hanging rope. Ensure that the shiny side faces out. Make a second ring on top and below the central ring. Continue until your squares no longer fit. Use the leftover pieces to cut smaller squares, and use oddly shaped pieces to fill in the gaps at the top and bottom of the ball. Hang it to dry.