How Do You Make a Disco Ball?

How Do You Make a Disco Ball?

To make a disco ball, cut old CDs into squares, thread a wire through a Styrofoam ball, cover the ball with the CD squares, and hang it up. This project takes about two hours and requires gloves, CDs, heavy scissors, a skewer, wire, a paper clip, a Styrofoam ball and craft glue.

  1. Make the reflective squares

    Put on work gloves, and cut unwanted CDs into small, uniform squares.

  2. Prepare the ball

    Set a Styrofoam ball on your work surface, and steady it with one hand. Place the tip of a wooden skewer at the top of the ball, and push it straight down until it hits the work surface. Remove the skewer, and thread a thin wire through the hole. Wrap one end around a paperclip, and pull the wire so the paperclip lies flat against the ball.

  3. Attach the reflective squares.

    Set the ball on your work surface with the paper clip down. Glue a row of reflective squares around the middle of the ball. Do not get glue on the visible side of the squares. Repeat until the entire ball is covered, and let the glue dry according to the manufacturer's directions.

  4. Hang the ball

    Once dry, hang the ball from the ceiling or a light fixture.