How Do You Make a Digimon?


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To make a digimon, become familiar with the characteristics and evolution process of the digimons, select a suitable character type, give it appropriate abilities and evolutionary stages, and name it. Finally, make a sketch of the digimon character.

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To get familiar with the traits and transformations of the digimons, watch several of the anime show episodes and/or look at some of the manga art. Then, choose a particular type for the digimon to be and lend it a form. The digimon could be a natural, aquatic or robotic type, or land- or air-based creature.

Decide on certain abilities and traits for the digimon, such as defense abilities, the voice of the character and its mode of attacking. Also, consider lending the digimon some special abilities. Use a digivice and cards to download the special capabilities to the digimon.

Name the digimon based on its characteristics, capabilities and form. Add "mon" as the suffix to the name. Create various evolutionary levels for the digimon, and identify the level to which the digimon belongs. Based on this, describe the other digimon levels, and give a name to each level.

Sketch the digimon character yourself or get a professional to do the same. Add plenty of colors, materials and textures to the sketch. When sketching, include wood and metal protrusions, skin, fur and scales on the digimon's body.

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