How Do You Make Dichroic Glass Wind Chimes?


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Make dichroic glass wind chimes by acquiring several lengths of dichroic glass tubing and having them cut to the appropriate lengths for the notes you want before drilling holes through each pipe's walls. Screw hooks into the underside of a flat piece of wood, suspend each pipe by threading string through each pipe's pair of holes, and tie each string to a hook.

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The easiest way to make dichroic glass wind chimes is to cut each piece of tubing to the same length. This makes the pipes vibrate in unison with each other, meaning that they all produce the same musical note. Most commercially produced wind chimes use the minor pentatonic scale, which requires different lengths for each pipe.

Starting with whatever length of dichroic glass pipe you want, multiply that length five times by 0.9129, 0.8660, 0.8165 and 0.7454, respectively. Each number corresponds to the length of tubing that produces each note of the minor pentatonic scale. After calculating the appropriate lengths, either cut the tubing to length yourself with a glass-cutting saw blade, or have a professional cut the tubes to the required lengths.

Get the best sound from your chimes by screwing holes in the pipes 22.4 percent of that pipe's length from its top. Doing so places the holes at vibrational nodes, minimizing their impact on each pipe's vibration.

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