How Do You Make Designs That Can Be Ironed on T-Shirts?


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To make a T-shirt iron-on transfer, select or create the artwork. Then, size it for the project. Add text if desired, and then reverse it for printing. Print the design on iron-on transfer paper, and iron it on a T-shirt.

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  1. Select artwork for the design

    Almost any artwork works, including clip-art, photographs and downloaded graphics. If desired, create the artwork yourself, and then scan it onto a computer.

  2. Adjust the image as necessary

    Consider the size of the T-shirt as well as the size of the transfer paper. Take into account the color of the T-shirt because colored T-shirts can distort the transfer colors.

  3. Add text if desired

    Adding a team name or a cute saying is a great way to personalize a design, so do not hesitate to use appropriate text. Remember to adjust the text's size, color and font to coordinate with the artwork.

  4. Reverse everything to print

    Because of the process of using iron-on transfers, words and artwork need to be printed as a mirror image. This mirror imaging is possible during printing set-up or within the art editing program.

  5. Print a trial run

    Print the design on regular paper to ensure that the size and the mirror imaging works properly. Cut it out, and hold it up to the T-shirt to see an approximation of the design's final appearance.

  6. Purchase iron-on transfer paper

    Choose a brand of iron-on transfer paper appropriate for your printer and your project.

  7. Print the iron-on transfer

    Print the final copy of the transfer. Check that the design appears exactly as desired.

  8. Iron on as instructed

    Follow the instructions on the transfer packaging. Careful ironing ensures a quality transfer. Launder the T-shirt as instructed to preserve the transferred design.

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