How Do You Make Denim Handbags?


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One way to make a denim handbag is to cut off the legs from a pair of jeans, snip the crotch seam, sew across the bottom, add a lining, attach a strap and decorate the bag with ribbon. This two-hour project requires shears, thread, a needle, linen fabric, pins and fabric ribbon.

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  1. Cut the jeans

    Cut off the legs from an old pair of blue jeans, and snip the crotch seam. Invert the jeans, and pin the front of the waistline to the back.

  2. Sew the bottom seam

    Thread a heavy sewing needle, and sew across the bottom of the jeans. This creates the body of the bag.

  3. Cut and sew the lining

    Turn the bag inside out. Place it on a folded piece of linen fabric, with the fold about 1 inch below the bottom of the bag. Cut the linen along the bag's outline, leaving 1 inch of seam space on all sides. Place the cut linen on your work surface with the wrong side down, then fold it in half vertically. The fold should be on the bottom. Sew the sides of the linen, then turn the lining right side out. Turn the bag right side out, drop the lining in, and sew the top of it to the top of the bag.

  4. Add a strap

    Cut a strip of denim from one of the legs you removed in the first step. Turn the bag inside out, and sew the ends of the strip to the sides of the bag. Turn the bag right side out.

  5. Decorate the bag

    Decorate the bag with a strip of colorful fabric ribbon sewn around the top.

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