How Do You Make a Decorative Metal Letter?


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Make decorative metal letters by spray-painting wooden letters with a metallic spray or stainless steel spray paint. Another option is to wrap wooden squares in copper sheets and adding letter decals on top.

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To use spray paint to make decorative metal letters, purchase wooden letters, and lay them on a flat surface protected with a drop cloth or a plastic sheet for painting. Use silver-metallic and bronze spray paint and black and rust-colored acrylic paint for an industrial steel look. First spray all the letters with the silver metallic spray pain, and then follow up with a light layer of bronze spray paint once the first layer dries. Rub black acrylic paint and then rust-colored acrylic paint along the edges of the letters to create a weathered look. Allow all the paint to dry completely before hanging the letters.

Another option is to spray the letter with stainless-steel spray paint and follow up with a light spritz of the brown-velvet spray paint. Lightly sponge black acrylic paint on the edges to create a weathered look, and hang up the metal letters.

Instead of using spray paint, use a roll of thin copper sheeting. Wrap the copper sheeting around thin wooden blocks or sheets, and glue it down using metal jewelry glue. Place adhesive letters on top of the copper blocks. More copper sheeting can be cut to fit the letters and glued on top of the letters to create a shadowed look.

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