How Do You Make Deco Mesh Ribbon Bows?

A simple decorative mesh ribbon bow can be made with two wide pieces of mesh ribbon, each about six feet long, according to Measure the ribbon, form the bow from the ribbon and then secure the bow so it will keep its shape. This project requires only a pair of sharp scissors and the ribbon.

  1. Cut out the mesh tails
  2. Measure out a length of ribbon that is roughly six feet long. Cut the ribbon. Pull the ribbon to help straighten it out. Rolled ribbon has a tendency to want to curl in on itself. Set the cut tail aside.

  3. Form the ribbon bow
  4. Cut a second length of mesh ribbon about six feet long. Grasp the center of one end of the ribbon. Start gathering the ribbon by pulling it up along this center point. When all of the ribbon is gathered up it will look like a simple bow that is crimped in the center by the fingers.

  5. Secure the bow
  6. Take the previously cut ribbon tail and wrap it around the center section of the bow. Make sure that the tail is wrapped around the bow to leave plenty of length on either end. Tie the tailpiece around the center of the bow in a granny knot to secure. A few dots of glue on the knot can help make it more permanent, but this is not required.