How Do You Make a Deco Mesh Door Wreath?


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To make a deco mesh door wreath, first choose a color scheme of mesh colors that fits the theme of the wreath. Pick a size for a wire wreath frame to suit the design and remember that the wreath gets bigger once the mesh is added.

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Sometimes a wire wreath frame can be purchased with pipe cleaners already affixed. Otherwise, choose pipe cleaners or chenille stems that complement the color scheme, as they can show through. Purchase two rolls of each color of mesh.

Cut eight 12-inch pipe cleaners in half and twist one at each cross wire starting from the inner loop and moving out to all three wires. Always twist the pipes cleaners very tightly so they do not slip and always leave them twisted facing the same direction. Once finished, attach the first mesh color into an outside loop pipe cleaner leaving a 6-inch tail. Repeat this about 10-inches or more from the first twisted section. Continue until the outside loop is covered with looped mesh.

Repeat these steps on the inner loop and the middle loop of the wire wreath frame. The colors are varied according to the style that was chosen. Varying the length of mesh between the loops can make the wreath look fuller and allow for more embellishments. Knot the 6-inch tails and then tuck them under the wires of the frame. Fluff the loops of the mesh to achieve the right look and hot glue any embellishments.

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