How Do You Make Dammit Dolls?

How Do You Make Dammit Dolls?

To make a homemade Dammit Doll, cut equal-sized doll shapes out of two pieces of fabric, sew along the edges, invert the doll and add stuffing. Add wool hair and facial features, if desired.

Purchase calico or felt fabric in the color of your choosing, opting for light-colored fabric if you wish to add facial features to your Dammit Doll. Place two pieces of material together, and cut the body shapes using a basic doll pattern or your own design. Place the body pieces together with right sides facing each other, and sew along the perimeter, leaving a small area open. Invert the doll by pulling it through the opening to hide the seams, and add cotton through the hole to stuff the doll. Begin at the legs and arms, adding enough stuffing to create a firm doll.

Stitch or glue the opening to close it, and use waterproof felt pens to glue on the face. Glue on cotton for the hair along the head seam. If desired, print out a small poem from one of the original Dammit Dolls, and glue it to the front of your homemade Dammit Doll. The craft should be sturdy enough to hit or squeeze when you are stressed.

Dammit dolls are tools for coping with anger. Users grab them by the legs and slap them around to release aggression. The dolls also serve a humorous purpose, especially when used as gifts.

Some therapists criticize dammit dolls. They point out that the dolls do not manage the root causes of anger. They also express concern that the dolls may promote increased aggression. Other therapists look more positively at the dolls, believing they may be beneficial in decreasing aggression for some and increasing it for others. Therapists warn to be alert for feelings of wanting to actually hurt oneself or others.

Customers can also purchase dammit dolls on The website offers the handmade dolls in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The dolls all contain a printing of a common poem associated with them. The website also sells handmade dammit pillows that appear like the head of a dammit doll.