How Do You Make a Dammit Doll?


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You can make a dammit doll with a doll pattern and fabric. Cut two pieces of fabric from the pattern, and sew the doll up from the outside. Sew from the head around to the neck on the other side. Stuff the doll with Fiberfil, sew up and knot off.

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Dammit dolls are tools for coping with anger. Users grab them by the legs and slap them around to release aggression. The dolls also serve a humorous purpose, especially when used as gifts.

Some therapists criticize dammit dolls. They point out that the dolls do not manage the root causes of anger. They also express concern that the dolls may promote increased aggression. Other therapists look more positively at the dolls, believing they may be beneficial in decreasing aggression for some and increasing it for others. Therapists warn to be alert for feelings of wanting to actually hurt oneself or others.

Customers can also purchase dammit dolls on DammitDolls.com. The website offers the handmade dolls in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The dolls all contain a printing of a common poem associated with them. The website also sells handmade dammit pillows that appear like the head of a dammit doll.

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