How Do You Make a Cute Greeting Card?

How Do You Make a Cute Greeting Card?

To make a cute greeting card, use yarn to create a textural image on the front of the handmade card, states These cards can be made from templates, or crafters can create their own free-hand designs. All that is needed is colored card stock, scissors, craft glue, iron and double-sided tape.

Use the following steps to create a cute handmade greeting card.

  1. Create the pattern
  2. Look for a simple template design and print it out on card stock. This can be as simple as an enlarged birthday greeting in cursive text. Cut the paper down to a rectangle or square just smaller than the front of a standard five by seven inch card. Crafters can also sketch a simple design in pencil on a square of card stock.

  3. Apply the yarn
  4. Place craft glue onto the lines of the template. Use a glue with a fine tip applicator for this purpose. Gently press the yarn into place along these lines. Use different colors of yarn as desired. For dots, tie the yarn into small knots and clip the knot out to glue in place. Allow the glue to dry.

  5. Press the card stock
  6. Heat up the iron and use it to flatten the card stock, in case it has become warped by the wet glue. Place a clean cloth onto the yarn to protect it while ironing the card stock.

  7. Apply the yarn image to the card
  8. Cut out a card from another sheet of card stock or procure a blank card to use. Apply pieces of double-sided tape to the back of the piece with the yarn template. Press the image against the front of the blank card.