How Do You Make Custom Songs on "Guitar Hero World Tour"?

To create custom songs in "Guitar Hero World Tour," use the Music Studio feature in the game. Once inside the Music Studio, click Record, and play the desired notes on the instrument being used. The game will automatically record and create versions of the song for all levels of difficulty. Afterwards, connect to the Internet using a game console to upload and share the song.

  1. Record the music

    In the Music Studio feature, click Record, and start playing. This can be done in one-player or multi-player mode using any combination of instruments. Pre-recorded rhythm tracks and loops can also be specified to make the process easier and the sound more complete.

  2. Edit and mix the track

    Edit the track using a pre-created style. These can give the song a hip-hop, metal or other beat. When done with the editing process, simply save and name the song.

  3. Play the custom song

    Custom songs will appear as an option to play on every difficulty setting. Simply select the song to play it as a single.

  4. Upload and share your music

    Uploading the track to GH Tunes is optional, but it allows players to share their tracks with friends and get feedback on their work. Connect to GH Tunes through a video game console to upload song.