How Do You Make a Custom Photo Mousepad?

To make a custom photo mousepad, print a photo onto heat transfer paper, and iron it on a blank mouse pad. This project requires an inkjet printer, heat transfer paper, a blank mouse pad and an iron.

  1. Edit the photo

    Scale the photo to the size of the mouse pad, and reverse the image in a photo editing program or even Microsoft Word. Creating a mirror image is important because it ensures the image appears properly once transferred.

  2. Create a test image

    On regular paper, print your photo, and align it on the mouse pad to make sure the size is correct.

  3. Print the photo

    With an inkjet printer, print the final image onto the heat transfer paper. Let the ink dry for about 10 to 15 minutes before transferring the image.

  4. Iron on the photo

    Position the image face down on the mouse pad. Once it is aligned, iron the transfer paper for three to four minutes. Use pressure when ironing to improve the quality of the image transfer.

  5. Remove the backing

    Once the ironing is done, remove the backing sheet in one long, smooth movement. Depending on the manufacturer, the backing may be removed when it is still hot or after it has cooled.