How Do You Make a Custom House Divided Flag?


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The easiest way to make custom house divided flags is to use the College Flags & Banners Co. website or HouseDividedFlags.com. Each site has premade flags and allows users to pick teams to customize their own flag and then order it. You can also make a flag at home.

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The first step to making the flag at home is to gather the materials you desire, including different fabrics for the different colors you want on the flag. Then, trace the patterns you need for the different parts onto the back of the different fabrics.

Next, cut the fabric along where you traced, but leave some extra fabric under the edge to make sewing easier. For the large background piece, leave room for the hem and a few inches for the sleeve. Now, take the cut pieces, and pin them to the background piece, allowing you to visualize the final product. Make any changes necessary to achieve the exact flag design you desire.

When you are satisfied with pattern, begin sewing it to the background piece. Sew smaller pieces by hand, but you can sew the larger pieces with a machine if you desire. Fold the fabric under while sewing to avoid the appearance of ragged edges.

After completing the design, pin the edges down to face the back of the flag, and start hemming. Afterward, fold a few inches of the flag back to create a sleeve, leaving sufficient room for a dowel. Starting from the flag bottom, sew the sleeve shut and work up, closing the top.

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