How Do You Make Custom Bottle Stickers?


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Use a photo editing program to create a customized bottle template. Next, gather the supplies that you need: an inkjet printer, scissors, sticker paper and a tape measure. Print the design template onto the paper, and then trim and measure it to fit the bottle. Firmly stick the finished product onto the bottle.

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Wrap the tape measure around the middle portion of the bottle to find its width. Next, use it again to determine the label's height. Format the bottle template to match the measurements. For multiple bottles, copy and paste your design several times onto one sheet of paper.

Place the sticker paper into the inkjet printer, and then print the design page multiple times to match your total bottles. Next, use the scissors to trim off any extra paper. Carefully and slowly, place the sticker around the bottle. Make sure to add enough pressure so that the label stays on it.

Basic inkjet printers sometimes fail to produce strong graphic images. Therefore, for better quality labels, use a professional printing service for your bottle project. A few companies that specialize in printing bottle labels are iCustom Label, Sticker Giant, Groggtag and StickerYou. Choose the company based on their business reputation -- check customer reviews -- and your bottle label needs. Decide whether you want to design your own template or use a pre-designed one.

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