How Do I Make a Cross Out of Wire and Glass Beads?


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Making a cross out of wire and glass beads requires bending thick wire into the shape of a cross and wrapping the beads around the cross with thin wire. A wire cross with glass beads can be made in 25 to 30 minutes.

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  1. Gather materials

    Collect some thin wire, thick wire, a pair of pliers and a set of glass beads.

  2. Manipulate the thick wire into a cross

    Bend the thick wire into a cross, using the pliers to tighten its shape. Use as much wire as needed to create the cross, then cut the cross from the rest of the thick wire. Set the excess wire aside.

  3. String the glass beads together with thin wire

    Draw a strand of thin wire, and add as many glass beads as desired. Be sure to use enough thin wire to completely cover the cross.

  4. Bend the thin wire and beads around the cross

    Wrap a bare strand of thin wire tightly around the center of the cross. When the center is covered, wrap the beads around the cross gradually until each side of the cross is completely covered. Once the wrapping is complete, snip off the extra thin wire from the end.

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